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We will help your business grow by developing an application that is 100% dedicated to your needs. An effectively implemented solution must match your needs; therefore, we offer a customized approach. Tell us about the problem that you want to solve, your expectations and limitations. By taking into account the specifics of your sector and the best practices, we will jointly set the objective and scope of the project.

The result of our joint effort is always an improvement in the way your business works. Providing an application is just a means to an end. Working closely with you, we will design, develop and deliver a comprehensive solution that will let you optimize your business processes, reduce the time taken to perform them and improve their quality and reliability. A solution is so much more than an application. It is the synergy of your understanding of business and our technological competences.   

Most projects are implemented in agile technologies. But it is us who adapts to your expectations and needs regarding the work methodologies.

APMG International AgilePM

We will walk you through the entire lifecycle of the project.

Right from the first meeting, you will feel that you have met professionals who speak your language, who will present you with a vision of the work to be done and who will inform you clearly about the progress at every stage of implementation.


We gather the requirements from all stakeholders. We will take a comprehensive look at your company, the systems used and the preferred technologies. Right from the start, you will become part of the project team, and you will have direct access to our specialist.


At this stage, we design and adapt the detailed solutions to the identified business needs. If required, this stage is extended through the design of mockups based on the best user experience practices and graphics, taking into account the latest trends.  


The development work will be divided into sprints, as part of which we will provide finite elements of the system according to your priorities, so that you can use them in the production environment of your company as soon as possible.


In our development process, we take care of quality at every stage, from the proposal to successive deliveries of a system that fully meets your needs.


We will adapt the timing of the launch of the solution to your needs and those of your business. We will provide personal support where you need it. 



After the production launch of your system, a dedicated Project Manager will keep in touch with you. We are available on the days and during the times you indicate, as well as 24/7.

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The key to the project will be our specialists. They are passionate working together for many years, certified in both technical and soft skills. Thanks to this, the solution provided will meet the highest quality and performance requirements. We are also ready to give you our teams (team leasing) to implement dedicated projects.


Get in touch and find out how we can support your business. We offer the most appropriate form of contact to discuss your needs (meeting at your office or ours, a phone call or videoconferencing).

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