Intratic solutions are based on SharePoint and Kentico business technologies. We use the .NET information technology to create dedicated applications. Used technology allows you to tailor the solution to your business needs and reduce production and maintenance costs.


Microsoft SharePoint is a web application platform that will help you manage the information you provide and support your business processes. By using the SharePoint platform, we will implement an application based on standard SharePoint mechanisms or we will create a dedicated application that will perform specific, defined functions that are not available in the standard version of this platform.


Creating an internet site or a consistent, effective and intuitive sales platform is the cornerstone of success in today's eCommerce world, whether it's selling products or services. As a golden partner for Kentico EMS, we create unique websites and e-commerce that allow you to manage your digital channel customer experience and lead effective lead generation.


Software "from out of the box" does not fulfill requirements? You do not need to customize your business processes to those available in standard solutions! We will design and implement a dedicated application that will fully meet your business needs. At the same time, we will use our ready-made and feature-tested modules to minimize software development costs.