Our experience

Intratic is an experienced team of architects, analysts, business consultants, project managers, programmers and scrum masters. And passion is the driving force with which our experienced specialists approach projects. Our experience and competence are confirmed by numerous certificates and references.



For many years we have been working with large, both Polish and foreign companies, corporations, corporations and projects throughout Europe. Our experiences are backed up by references, and our customers are most appreciative of our focus on their problems, their search for solutions, and the lack of corporate restrictions.


Customers opinion

The best assessment of our work are references from our clients. Not all of us can be publicly praised for restrictive confidentiality agreements. This is particularly true in the financial industry. In such cases, we usually can provide direct contact to the customer for telephone references or referrals.


Case study

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our projects. We encourage you to contact us - let's meet, so that we can detail in detail the most interesting case studies for you. We will discuss the goals that have been defined, the way they are implemented, the design methodology and the effects of implementation. We will also talk about technical issues. Finally, we will agree on how we can help you with your problem and propose a solution.